July Update
Posted on September 28th 2019
Japan's on fire🔥right now, with a record heat wave spreading across the country making it a smart choice to stay indoors. We've been able to focus despite the burning heat and are happy to bring you our July Update 😊
Run on your own device
You can now preview your app on your own device, utilising Expo's client app! We'll spin up a packager for you automatically by pressing the Preview App button on the left of the screen.👇
Firefox, Safari and Edge support
Up until now, Laska was only usable on Chrome. Since Chrome is not always available and some people simply prefer other browsers, we've added support for Firefox, Safari and Edge.Please note that support for these browsers is still somewhat experimental. Let us know if you encounter any problems 😊
Exporting your project
Similarly, you can now export an app to your machine by pressing the Export Project button 👇You can then download an archive that is a preconfigured Expo app.
Less painful JSON editing
To reduce errors and allow less technical people to edit JSON, we've added a control for that. The JSON editor is active on the Initial State and in some components such as the Picker, which now makes it a whole lot easier and clear how to change items in the list. You can also choose JSON as a type in your own props.
Less painful custom props & presets
When adding new props, you can now use controls that automatically adapt to the prop type. We've added the same functionality to presets, so it will become a lot easier for less technical people to edit your apps as well.
Other improvements
Code Mode now uses a dark theme to make it more clear that you are working with code and make it stand out from the other controls. Also, the full screen code window has been darkened and made slightly less transparent to see code more clearly.
Picker components now have default options and a JSON control to make it easier to edit values.
You can now click on images in an Image Control to open them in the editor.
The Firebase plugin has been extracted into multiple plugins such as Firestore, Authentication, and so on.
You can now preview what the code for a component will look like.
From the Dashboard, you can now clone (your own) apps!
A critical bug has been fixed when renaming files from the Project Browser. In specific cases, it would overwrite the contents of the currently open file with the file being renamed.
When using the CLI, exported image file names will now be converted to be alphanumeric, in order to minimize file reading issues with packagers.
If you are using the CLI, please make sure to update to the latest version.You can update by running npm install -g laska
That's it for now!
Thank you for being an early user of Laska. We love having you around, and we're super excited about the future! 😊For August, we've heard your feedback and will be focusing on creating more tutorials and adding support for custom components. Still, we're always listening! Let us know your thoughts by sending an email at hello@laska.io. You can also join us on Discord or send us a tweet!
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