July Update
Posted on September 28th 2019

Hey there, it's been a while! 

That's because we've been hard at work, and happy to announce that Laska has matured quite a bit. We've overhauled our design, fixed a ton of bugs and added a lot of neat new things. 

Navigation support

You can now add a StackNavigator and TabNavigator to your app.

The StackNavigator with several pages attached to it
What's more, each Navigator component can be customized easily from the pane on the right. If you don't like the back button or instance, you can easily drag and drop your own image in there using the Header Left customization component.
Changing the back Icon of the Login page
Play & Pause
Noticed that fancy Play button? We've rewritten our rendering engine so it can run your app inside of the browser without having to reload or compile it on the server. Press Play and your app will come to live, right away!
You can find this example in the dashboard when creating a new app.
Press Pause to freeze your app at a specific point in time. You can then modify anything you like and press Play again to continue where you left off.
Notice how we pause the app, change a color, and continue where we left off.

Easier business logic

Laska now uses React Hooks behind the scenes, which allows you to add business logic easier than ever. We've added two new components called State and Effect, which allow you to declaratively add business logic.

People who prefer to write code by hand can still do so using the Edit Code button in the far right corner. Still, we encourage you to use the hooks State and Effect, as they lead to easier to understand business logic.

See business logic at a glance without being overwhelmed
That's it for now!

Thank you for being an early user of Laska. We love having you around, and we're super excited about the future! 😊

We're always listening for your feedback. Let us know your thoughts by sending an email at hello@laska.io. You can also join us on Discord or send us a tweet!

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